Desert Safari Dubai – The King of All Tourist Attractions

If you are off to Dubai for an annual vacation, you certainly cannot return home until you have tried the Desert Safari Dubai. One of the most famous attractions which brings countless tourists to this state of the United Arab Emirates, you can explore the deserts of Dubai with various activities such as dune bashing, campsites, bedouin visits and beautiful desert sceneries. If you are heading to Dubai for the first time, there are several things you must check up on before leaving so that you are well prepared for the safari experience. Let’s have a look at how to make your safari experience one that you will cherish for a lifetime!

For desert safari Dubai, there is a set rule that four Tour operators are allowed to go dune driving at one time. Therefore, it is highly important that you pick the right operator for the trip. Although the skills with each company are the same but the prices may differ slightly. When booking the adventure, you must know that there are two timings for the safari; morning and evening. A number of tourists prefer evening safari for it less hot and gets cold in the night time. If you are picking the evening slot, you will be back by 10:00pm easily.

When leaving for the adventure, you must keep from having too much water for the ride is generally very bumpy. Also, do not forget to take a good hat, a good quality camera and some cash. It is important to have some money on you so as to buy water, snacks or souvenirs for your friends and loved ones. Other than these petty things, you would have paid for all the other attractions in the adventure fee itself. Also keep in mind that you must dress up comfortably for desert safari Dubai. Your clothes should not bother you while travelling and if you feel the sand will get to your feet than wear covered shoes.

During the winters, the temperature of the city drops so you must dress accordingly. Also, sandals and open shoes are largely discouraged because you will need to get done at various stops to take in the beauty so the key to stay comfortable is to dress up right.

desert safari

Desert safari Dubai is an adventure so if you are taking the trip with a good operator, you will be well informed about the safety and security measures put in place by the company itself. Most good operators keep their SUVs insured and from the moment you are in the car, you get covered too. Dubai Safari The cars used for dune driving is also protected so that no collapses occur while you enjoy your jumpy ride.

As tourists there is no need to stack up on food, water and other such items for you will find them at the adventure site anyway. So why carry additional load on your Desert Safari Dubai! The trip and the fun involved largely depends on how courteous and welcoming your operator is therefore choose one wisely!


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